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How Sara brings your new garden to life

Sara is perfectly equipped to design not only beautiful garden concepts, but carefully considered, deliverable designs, drawing on her horticultural knowledge coupled with her vast creative design experience as a designer in the luxury home building market and her comprehensive technical understanding.

​How Sara's approach differs from others is that these designs are brought to life with a specially crafted ‘fly-through’ video giving you a personal tour of your beautiful new garden. This means there is no need to take a leap of faith when trying to work out how a 2D hand drawn or printed coloured plans becomes a 3D real life experience.

The highly professional service Sara offers makes your journey from concept to completion much more enjoyable, as she skilfully handles, manages, and monitors your exciting new life-changing garden project from the initial ‘ears open’ consultation to the presented design, working with landscapers, through to maintenance and aftercare advice.

For simplicity Sara has split her services into the design packages below, although these can be customised to suit if your requirements differ.

Design Packages

Complete Garden Design Package

garden design masterplan

If you answer yes to any of the questions below our complete garden design service is for you.


  • Is your garden tired and outdated?

  • Does your garden not match your lifestyle?

  • Have your children grown up and you would like a more sophisticated garden without the trampoline and goal posts?

  • Would you like a garden for outdoor living?

  • Do you have a new build garden which is blank and boring canvas?

  • Have you had building works completed and the garden is still a building site?

  • Is your garden too high maintenance?


Costs start from £29,000 for completed garden with hard landscaping construction,  planting and design fees

Planting Design


Garden design planting plan

If you answer yes to any of the questions below our planting design service is for you.


  • Do you want to add plants to your garden but know nothing about them and do not know where to start?

  • Would you like to make your beds more appealing to wildlife and pollinators?

  • Do you like your garden but the planting needs refreshing?

  • Does your garden only look good at certain times of the year?

  • Has your existing planting become overgrown and taking over?

Costs up to £10,000 for planting implementation and design fees

Landscape Plans for Planning Permission

Landscaping elevation for planning

Are you an architect or developer looking for help with some or all the landscaping plans or discharging landscaping conditions?

  • Do you need to submit full a landscaping scheme including an Establishment and Maintenance Plan for planting with your planning application?

  • Are you a self-builder discharging your own planning conditions and need help to discharge the landscaping ones?

  • If you have answered yes to any of the questions above our landscaping plans for planning permission service is for you.

No.30 Design Studio can produce drawings and planting schemes for planning applications, whether private or commercial developments, or discharge landscaping conditions on approved planning applications

Costs  from £1,500 depending on scope of works required

'Ornamental horticulture and landscaping in the UK made an estimated £28.2billion contribution to national GDP in 2019'

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