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No. 30 Design Studio


Based in Herefordshire, No.30 Design Studio specialises in working with discerning clients, in and around Herefordshire and the surrounding counties, as well as further afield.

Working with No.30 Design Studio


We work closely with each client, embracing the client's needs whilst being sensitive to the project's surroundings, taking into consideration the style of house and broader landscape, resulting in inspired garden spaces which are site appropriate, sustainable and bespoke. 

Our past clients have included homeowners, self-builders, property developers and architects with projects large and small and everything in between.



Be bold, showing a willingness to take calculated risks; and stand up for what is right. Make confident decisions that align with our long-term goals and vision. 


Build a creative environment that values innovation and imaginative problem-solving across the business, embracing new challenges and opportunities with a sense of adventure and enthusiasm. 


Honour our responsibilities whilst treating others with integrity and respect. Keep your promises by under promising, then over deliver. 

How these translate to our clients

Creativity is at our core, embracing the power of imagination and cultivating innovative thinking, we thrive on pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas. By seeking out fresh perspectives it ensures that each project culminates in bespoke solutions that not only inspire but also leave a lasting legacy for our clients. This is only possible by having the courage to take calculated risks, daring to be different and making impactful choices with our designs.  

Our business's guiding principle is authenticity, staying true to our values whilst upholding the highest professional standards for our clients, by delivering on promises, being transparent in our actions and respecting timelines with the utmost integrity in all aspects of our work. We are firm believers in ‘there are no problems, only solutions,’ and use mistakes to refine and improve our processes to mitigate them from happening again. 

This means we build trusting relationships with our clients and feedback is not just welcomed but valued; it's how we continuously improve our processes and our customer's experience. At No.30 Design Studio, we are always striving to exceed expectations and elevate our standards. 

Look at the case studies below to explore some of our client’s projects in more depth. 

Garden Design

Garden Case Study


An off-plan garden design, we were brought in right at the beginning to review the architect's initial concept design. Being property developers, they had learned from their mistakes in relation to aspect and associated light in the key living spaces and gardens of their previous homes and wanted to make sure they got it right this time.

Sara Edwards Garden Designer

Sara Edwards

Founder & Creative Director

It is Sara's unique blend of her years of design experience, architectural precision and horticultural expertise that ensures that every garden she designs is both beautiful and functional, tailored to meet her
client's needs.

Liz Treadwell

Liz Treadwell
Virtual Assistant

With 20+ years experience, Liz is able to adapt to all administrative tasks offering professionalism and quality. She takes control of all our day-to-day admin needs as well as handling quotes and invoices. She is qualified to a high level with a BA Hons in Business Management (2.1).


Trusted Freelancers
From time to time when project timelines overlap due to circumstances outside of our control, we can draw on trusted freelance designers and specialist consultants, working closely under Sara's guidance, to detail specific construction details, or finish off planting plans, which ensures it keeps our projects moving forward in a timely manner. If you are interested in becoming part of our team please email


Malvern Spring Festival
Gardeners world
Financial Times
HMB Creative Finalist
Gardens Illustrated
Sara has enabled me to work with confidence and precision, with our customers at the forefront of everything.

From a customer service background myself, it has been a wonderful experience working with Sara. She’s extremely customer focused and has implemented structured systems, software and processes to ensure each project is managed with clarity, professionalism and excellence. By taking the time to explain her robust processes, she has enabled me to work with confidence and precision, with our customers at the forefront of everything, as providing first-class customer service, is of paramount importance, throughout their garden design journey with us. 

It is a pleasure to work with such an organised business! 

Liz Treadwell, Solihull VA 
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