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Contemporary Barn Garden Design


Project Type: Large garden
Size: Half acre
Cost Bracket: Undisclosed

An off-plan garden design, we were brought in right at the beginning to review the architect's initial concept design. Being property developers, they had learned from their mistakes in relation to aspect and associated light in the key living spaces and gardens of their previous homes and wanted to make sure they got it right this time. 

The house was designed so its key living spaces and garden's orientation was south facing to maximize the light and usability of the space. The design brief was for a garden that would be at the centre of family life and used all year round. The style was to be contemporary near the house, becoming looser and more natural away from the house. The driveway and front of the property also needed designing, creating a unified space. 

All the main living spaces open onto the south-facing awkwardly shaped part of the garden. With sliding doors, the full length of the building, interesting garden spaces and views from the house were needed, as well as introducing some shade, while avoiding having a large expanse of terrace running the full length of the south elevation.

Instead of fighting the awkward angle of the boundary, the design embraced it, making it the basis for the whole design, rotating the main garden elements 28° from the house, and creating interesting perpendicular lines from the building's windows and door positions, allowing for the garden to seamlessly flow from front to back in one cohesive design.

Garden Design Masterplan Contemporary Barn


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