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Modern Oak Framed House Garden Design


Project Type: Off-Plan Urban Garden
Size: 85m2
Cost Bracket: £20,000 - £30,000 

We were approached by the clients to design the garden, before their build had started on their oak framed home, because access would be tight once the house is built.  The house and garden’s groundworks would need to be undertaken at the same time and because part of the planning conditions required the hard and soft landscaping schemes to be discharged, before they moved in. 

Their vision for their new garden was for a secluded private, wildlife friendly sanctuary, blurring the boundaries between the garden and the house. It was important that when moving through the garden felt like a journey giving a sense of somewhere to go. With floor to ceiling glazing on each wall on the back of the house and an oak glazed garden room off the kitchen, they were keen to have picture perfect views looking from the house so it could be enjoyed from inside too. The space needed to be multi-functional where the family could relax and unwind and enjoy a spot of alfresco dining. 


The plot was small and tight, and usable access to the rear was limited to a passage down one side, which would become closed off once the chimney was built, so careful scheduling of the works was required. Downsizing from their last garden was bringing a great deal of anxiety, as they loved their new home but were dreading having a tiny L-shaped garden to fit everything they needed into it. There was also no external storage. 


The key to this design was creating generous planting areas, which would help obscure the boundaries and blur where the garden ends and the neighbouring gardens begin, which in turn make the garden feel much bigger, whilst also creating great habitats for wildlife. By rotating all the functional spaces 45° it created deeper triangular beds at the boundaries, instead of typical rectilinear beds. The spaces are different sizes, according to their use; the shady reading nook has space for a couple of chairs and small table, the dining terrace can accommodate a party of six. To connect the spaces a series of parallel paths lead you through the garden on a journey. The use of all-weather furniture it removes the need for additional storage.  

Oak Framed House Garden Design


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